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Adventure Races

Adventure Racing is a fun concept of combining the following sport disciplines: mountain biking, running/trekking, kayaking and navigation. In this shorter version of adventure racing, you only need to be able to read a Google Map to orienteer yourself from point to point. Kinetic Events and Addicted2Adventure.co.za has joined hands when it comes to the organisation of the 25km Adventure Races in South Africa which has been organised by the former for many years. Beginners, more advanced athletes and the hard core racers out there are all welcome! Who's joining us?

Expedition Africa 25km Adventure Race – Tweefontein Melkery, Kempton Park

14 Nov 2021
  • Tweefontein Melkery, Kempton Park, Gauteng, SA
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R700 per team of 2 OR R1 400 per team of 4

Expedition Africa 25km Adventure Race – Emmarentia, JHB

05 Sep 2021
  • Marks Park Sports Club, Emmarentia, JHB, Gauteng, SA
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R700 per team of 2 OR R1 400 per team of 4

Adventure Holidays

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, there's no indication when the tourism industry will open up again. We will inform everyone on social media, our website & to all our e-newsletter subscribers once the below planned holidays will re-open for bookings and to confirm the new dates, should it be the case. Thank you for your understanding.

Check out our adventure trips & holidays which ranges between 1 day, weekends, 1 week & longer...

Benefits of joining Addicted2Adventure

  • No Membership fee - It is free! (yes you will pay for your adventure outings)
  • The outing/trip/event will be organised on your behalf
  • A2A are always open to suggestions which means your adventurous ideas can become a reality
  • You will meet other adventurous people who will tell you about more adventurous outings & places - how awesome!
  • You will have no excuse not to live your life to the fullest as you will now be informed of awesome happenings all the time


A2A Co-Founder Jolene, says:

Thinus and myself are absolutely ADDICTED2ADVENTURE! How and why did we start Addicted2Adventure? Every time when we told a friend/colleague/ acquaintance about an adventurous outing we enjoyed over a weekend (or they just saw our pics on Facebook), their response would be “you always do such awesome/ exciting/ outdoorsy events! I would love to do that as well”. When I ask them why they don’t…their response would be: “I don’t want to go alone, I don’t know what to do, I don’t enjoy organising things, I don’t know where to start!”
Sooo… Addicted2Adventure was born in Jan 2012!

Thinus, A2A Co-Founder, adds:

Addicted2Adventure (A2A) loads adventurous happenings and trips (that we will mostly attend ourselves) on our website … anybody who wants to experience any sort of adventure are welcome to join us – as easy as that! We do all the research (venues, prices, directions, dates, price negotiations etc.) on your behalf. You decide whether you want to join us or not – without paying any membership fee! We love to meet new (adventurous) people, go to new (adventurous) places and experience new (adventurous) things.

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Race report: Kinetic Events Full Moon adventure race, 120km, Cape St Francis, 25-26 August 2018

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Expedition Africa 2018 Final Days

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NEW DATE for Expedition Africa 120km Bronkhorstspruit Adventure Race: 9 - 11 April 2021 due to SA's Covid Loockdown Level 3 restrictions.

Enter here: https://t.co/5zvRjayRdn


#adventurerace #adventureracing #expafrica #expeditionafrica #expafrica2021 #arwsafrica https://t.co/8MbLb4rgXm
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Enter for the @expafrica 120km Adventure Race | Bronkhorstspruit | 5 - 7 Feb 2021: https://t.co/5zvRjayRdn

Part of the Adventure Racing World Series - Africa Series

#expafrica120km #expafrica #expeditionafrica #adventure #adventureracing #multisport #arwsafrica #arws https://t.co/XlIuK37tEr
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Adventure Racing is about escaping the hustle of the city & entering a new world to discover.

The 1st Adventure Race which is part of the Adventure Racing World Series - AFRICA Series: @expafrica 120km Adventure Race by @Addicted2Advent. 5 - 7 Feb '21, Bronkhorstspruit https://t.co/J5u82fCMNd
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"Girls just wanna have fun!"

Did you miss your girl friend/s during lockdown?

Enter: @expafrica 25km Adventure Race by @Addicted2Advent happening thís Sunday at @RiversandsFarm, Midrand, South Africa.

Entries close at midnight:
https://t.co/DSlH8UHYyA https://t.co/s5MoGqxMmu
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"Give your kids ADVENTURES, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show."

Enter a parent/child team (2/4 team members): @expafrica 25km Adventure Race by @Addicted2Advent Sun, 6 Dec '20.

Short cuts can be taken (just miss a few check points).

https://t.co/DSlH8UHYyA https://t.co/z54FPFUbMi
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Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
What a surprize!!!

Soooooo happy about our 1st place as team Addicted2Adventure (A2A) in the mixed pairs team category and 2nd overall in yesterday's EXP Africa Africa 60km Adventure Race in the Vaaldam area.

Leg 1: 14kms trail running
Leg 2: 10kms mountain biking
Leg 3: 11kms kayaking
Leg 4: 26kms mountain biking

My sole&soul mate Thinus Matthysen was spot on with the navigation, we streamlined through all the transitions and I just gave it my all with my current limited fitness (yes, Thinus had to tow me at some spots, what wil I do without him).

We had great competition and I wanna congratulate the teams, 2nd place AdventureLife SA & 3rd place Adventure Spirit who shared the podium with us - you guys rock!!!

Oh how good it is to be able to race again.

PS: I missed my baby Élon sooo much while racing 💕
Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
Tomorrow 2-man mixed team Addicted2Adventure (A2A) will be competing in the Expedition Africa 60km Adventure Race at Klipkraal, Vaaldam area.

"It will be my first adventure race since having my baby 5 months ago. I can't wait to see all my adventure racing friends, to suffer with my sole&soul mate, Thinus Matthysen & to enjoy the outdoors." Joléne Matthysen

Follow all the teams live tomorrow, 21 Aug '21 at 07:30 on www.expafrica.live.

EXP Africa Addicted2Adventure.co.za
Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
"Your kids will remember the adventures they went on, not the stuff you bought them. Kids outgrow stuff, they never outgrow adventures." (Author unknown)

Looking for an adventurous activity for your family?

Enter the whole family (parents + children) as a 2 or 4-man team into the upcoming Expedition Africa 25km Adventure Race - Emmarentia, JHB happening on Sun, 5 Sept '21.

More info & to enter: www.addicted2adventure.co.za/package/exp-africa-25km-race-3-5-copy/

EXP Africa Expedition Africa Lovers Addicted2Adventure (A2A) All in One Ecologic: Degreaser-Disinfectant-Stain Remover
Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
Are you a newbie to orienteering/navigation with the aid of a printed Google Map?

Wanna enter into the upcoming Expedition Africa 25km Adventure Race - Emmarentia, JHB happening on Sun, 5 Sept at Marks Park Sport Grounds & surrounding areas in Emmarentia, JHB?

Watch this FREE e-crash course on the basics of getting yourself from point A to B to C .... . If you can read a road map, you'll be able to do this.

Give it a try!

Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
Adventure Race for all. Suited for all skill levels and focus is on setting a positive day out with your friends or family. Teams of 2 can adventure together...



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