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Expedition Africa 2018 Day 3

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Day 3

A2A came in at Transition 3 just after 11:00 and immediately started prepping their bike’s for the 198km Cycle.
this would be the toughest Cycle length of Expedition Africa 2018.
Teams had two route options 1)Cycle around the mountain – longer distance, but in the saddle.
or 2) Hike-and-Bike up a very steep pass to CP22A

Team A2A left transition 3 in high hopes that the Hike-and-Bike would set them ahead of schedule.
Unfortunately, it proved to be tougher than option A as they hiked up a steep slope, bikes in hand in the dead of night.

To make matters worse one of the team members -Joléne Matthysen – took a nasty fall.
It seems she hit an obstacle on the road which flung her into the air.
Her head broke her fall, leaving her with a nasty gash underneath her eye.

Team member Beyers Rossouw says: ” All I saw was Joléne flying into the air over her handlebars. She landed face first into the ground the bike falling ontop of her! I honestly thought she had broken her neck; she was out cold for atleast 30 seconds, blood streaming down her face. I got the fright of my life and can’t tell you how relieved we all were when she came to”

Volunteers managed to find a path that would intercept their route, however when we arrived to collect Joléne to take her to CP23 for medical assistance another team in the area said she had refused to stop and wanted to go on.
Her bravery astounded many!

At CP23, the Medical team managed to clean her wound, but the verdict was that she would need to leave it open and try keep it clean
it throughout the leg. The team ate their hearts out and settled in for 3 hours sleep heading out to Transition 4 around 01:45.

Luché Oberholzer, A2A EA media person

21 May 2018