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Expedition Africa 2018 Final Days

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Day 4 and the weather has cleared up nicely in the Cederberg, leaving the athletes with sunny and cool mountaintops.
I must say I am relieved for the Teams part as they will now be able to stay warm and enjoy their hike.
The weather definitely played in their favour.

Later the evening:
The team arrived at Transition 5 just after sunset. A mixture of emotions: fatigue, pain, excitement, hunger.
A few hours sleep and they were well on their way onto Leg 6 – 92km to Zandkraal.(T6)

Day 5
I managed to track the team to Clain William where I co-incidently bumped into them at the local KFC.
Its here where I found out that in the early hours of the morning Joléne had fallen again and had been taken to the only place that was open at that time of the morning – The Local Government Hospital. Here the team managed to get some more sleep, whilst waiting for Joléne to get X-Rays and stitches.

They then made the decision to push through to Transition 6 where they would decide whether or not they would complete Leg 7 as it would be a difficult Trek through a canyon.
In light of Joléne’s injuries and the teams overall fatigue the team decided on route to Transition that they would short-course to the finish line.

Luché Oberholzer, A2A EA media person

24 May 2018