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  • Do I have to pay to be part of Addicted2Adventure?

    Nope, you don’t have to pay any membership fee to join Addicted2Adventure. All you have to pay for is for the event that you actually join!

  • Do I have to attend all the events in the year?

    Even though we would love for you to attend all the events… you only attend the adventurous events that you are interested in.

  • Do I have to be a certain age to join an Addicted2Adventure event?

    If you have a spirit for adventure – you are welcome! Children (under 18 years old) are welcome to join if their parents attend the event with them and should the specific event not have any restrictions for children. Please refer to the relevant Event Info doc you are interested in.

  • I have never been at athlete – will I be able to attend your adventurous events?

    The aim of Addicted2Adventure is to give anyone a chance to be adventurous. Some events might be more adventurous than others but most of the time we want to accommodate the ordinary person. We are also a bunch of people who will gladly assist anyone with their activity….this is the best way how you will make friends.

  • I don’t have all the adventurous gear - what do you suggest?

    The goal is not to build a hobby room in your house and fill it up with all sorts of gear ….then you won’t have any money left to attend any adventurous events. We always try to organise an event where the gear can be rented on site. This option will always be mentioned in the relevant Event Info doc.

  • Will I have FUN?

    What type of question is this? Off cooooooooourse!

  • What makes Addicted2Adventure different?

    There are sooo many adventure companies out there as well as travellers who post their personal adventures and travels on social media. That is GREAT!

    Our mission: Thinus and myself (Jolene), the Co-Founders of Addicted2Adventure, have started Addicted2Adventure in Jan 2012 as a medium for adventurers out there to JOIN US on our adventures! We plan an adventurous event at least once a month. Think of adventure races, river rafting, mountain biking, sky diving, scuba diving, Mozambique holidays, kloofing and many other out of the ordinary things. WHO’S JOINING US?

  • Who are the founders of Addicted2Adventure?

    Jolene & Thinus Matthysen (sole&soul mates) from Gauteng, South Africa

  • When was Addicted2Adventure 'born'

    In January 2012 – aaaawesome beginnings

  • Who are joining the events?

    Anyone who’s Addicted2Adventure – age, race, gender, nationality, colour, fitness level etc. doesn’t matter at A2A! If you have friends & family who also wants to join us, please share this website with them

  • Why are the Programmes called ‘Provisional Programme’?

    The itinerary is intended as a guideline only. Although every effort will be made to adhere to it, changes may be caused due to weather conditions, transport failure or other unforeseen events. Please be flexible if necessary. Please have your Travel & Medical Insurance in place for unforeseen happenings.

  • What happens if I get hurt at one of the events?

    Our mission is to organise an event and make use of service providers who has a great safety record and for whom safety is important. Please provide us with the details of your Medical Aid as well as your Next of Kin on our booking form

  • Travel & Medical Insurance

    We highly recommend everyone to arrange comprehensive Travel and Medical insurance once you have booked for a ‘Hosted by Addicted2Adventure event’ to have you covered.

    When you make a booking with Addicted2Adventure you do accept (by completing the booking form and accepting our Terms & Conditions) that Addicted2Adventure (the booking agent and/host) will NOT be held responsible for damage to, or loss or theft of personal luggage and belongings, nor can we be liable for personal injury, accident, illness or death. Addicted2Adventure will also not be responsible for refunds for instances where circumstances beyond its control lead to an interruption, earlier termination, change in transport mode, late running or cancellation of any particular event. Such circumstances shall include, but not be limited to instances of vis major/force majeure and/or casus fortuitus (‘acts of God’ such as floods and other natural disasters, fortuitous and  unforeseen events, etc.) nor strikes. We strongly urge you to adequately cover for any eventualities with your insurance agent. We recommend that you also purchase an “event cancellation” protection insurance to cover yourself in the unlikely event of a late cancellation from your side or loss.

    If the ‘Hosted by Addicted2Adventure’ event should be cancelled by Addicted2Adventure for whatever reason, prior to the start of the ‘Hosted by Addicted2Adventure event’, your full event payment will be refunded. You are allowed to cancel, in writing per e-mail, up to six weeks prior to the event – the deposit is however non-refundable. Thereafter you are responsible for the full outstanding balance. Failure of paying the balance in time will result in an automatic cancellation where you will forfeit your deposit. You are welcome to send a replacement with our consent.

    Travel Insurance – please contact your/an Insurance agent:

    Medical Insurance – please contact your medical aid (if you have one)

    • Inform your medical aid of the activity you will be participating in
    • Inform us of your Medical Aid details and Next of Kin (complete on our online booking form)
    • Please take your own medication and Medical Aid Card. Any first aid or medical treatment provided by Addicted2Adventure at its expense to any client, shall be discretionary and on a compassionate basis. Under no circumstances shall the provision of such treatment be tantamount to an admission of liability by Addicted2Adventure for any injury or illness sustained by the client
  • Indemnity

    NB: Please read the contents of your Addicted2Adventure Event Info very carefully as you will be informed of various essential information and will be deemed to have knowledge of such information once we receive payment of your deposit. I have read the Addicted2Adventure Event Info. I understand and accept that Addicted2Adventure (the booking agent) will NOT be held liable for any losses of any kind, injuries, inconvenience, cancellations, delays or deaths that may occur. My payment is non-refundable. A booking only becomes guaranteed once the proof of payment (correct amount) and a completed booking form (correctly completed) has been received and Addicted2Adventure have sent you a confirmation letter. NO confirmation letter – NO booking.

    Children up to the age of 18 years must be accompanied by adult supervision. Addicted2Adventure will not take the responsibility to look after the children on the day.

    By booking through Addicted2Adventure I understand that all the pictures taken by Addicted2Adventure can be used for marketing purposes.

  • Booking procedure

    No telephonic bookings are done nor are places ‘provisionally kept’ for anybody. Only fully completed online booking forms and full payment will secure your booking. Please use your ‘Surname’ and ‘Registration ID’ as the reference on your proof of payment (Your Registration ID will be e-mailed to you once you have completed your online booking form for the ‘hosted by Addicted2Adventure’ events). Your booking will be cancelled automatically without further communication if your balance is not paid in time. Normally the time limit is latest six weeks prior to departure/start date, however, refer to your Event Info doc for exact dates

  • Payment Methods

    We at Addicted2Adventure are well aware that everyone has a preferred method of payment and that a secure payment gateway is an important requirement… so that’s why we are offering you 6 types of payment options through the trusted PayFast Co.

    You can still pay via Direct deposit into bank (cash) or via EFT from your online banking.

    Credit & Cheque cards

    Credit cards are well known and a de facto online payment method the world round. We accept local and international credit cards and cheque cards, with a variety of fraud protection mechanisms in place to protect you against costly chargebacks. Learn more

    Instant EFT

    Instant EFT enables you to make payments with traditional internet banking with South Africa’s six biggest banks (FNB, ABSA, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec Bank, Investec). The electronic funds transfer gets verified instantly. No two day waiting period, no proof of payment required and no disclosing of financial informations.  Learn more

    ATM debit cards (via Visa Electron and Maestro)

    We accept payment from Visa Electron and Maestro issued debit card holders. You can enter your debit card and mobile phone number and then authenticate the transaction on your phone. The system works with devices on the Vodacom (South Africa) or MTN (South Africa) networks and with debit cards issued by ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank and more. Learn more.


    Masterpass is a simple, convenient, trusted digital wallet from MasterCard for faster, safer shopping at online merchants. A digital wallet makes online shopping safer and easy by storing payment information in one secure place. Learn more.


    mobicred is an online account that gives buyers access to credit, which they can use on PayFast. The facility works in a similar fashion to retail store credit, only online. mobicred charges interest rates comparable to those of credit card providers and only levies monthly fees while the account is used (unlike most credit cards). Learn more

  • Banking details for Addicted2Adventure ‘hosted by’ events

    Account name Addicted2Adventure (A2A)
    Bank Nedbank
    Account number 1018894055
    Branch Code 144046
    Account type Current
    Swift code NEDSZAJJ (International bookings)
  • Confirmation letter

    We will send you a confirmation letter to confirm your booking within 72hrs. If you haven’t received your confirmation letter you are NOT booked – please make sure that we have received your booking form and payment.

  • Transport options

    These are the following options you can make use of when you are travelling to one of our events:

    • Travel by yourself in your own vehicle
    • Addicted2Adventure sometimes organise a convoy which you can be part of. Kindly refer to your Event Info doc to see if this is applicable on the event you are booking on
    • If you do not have transport, we suggest you share with friends (save on petrol!), make use of Uber, Car Trip, or the Gautrain, ride a long distance bus or catch a lift with BazBus (South Africa’s convenient hop-on hop-off Door-to-door bus service for travellers)
    • If the event is a bit further but still domestic/local, travel by air: SAA, Mango, FastJet, FlySafair or others. There are also many international airlines you can make use of for your international flights. In the case of an international Addicted2Adventure event, we will assist in quotation for international flights
  • Use our hashtags # & other social media tags

    When you post your photos and/or videos on your social media of an Addicted2Adventure event you have attended, be so kind to use our #’s: #addicted2adventure #iamaddicted2adventure #whosjoiningus. And be sure to check in at “Addicted2Adventure” when you’re at the event. Thanks!

  • Addicted2Adventure ‘staff’

    We don’t really call ourselves staff as we actually join you in all the adventures. However, we will always be there to assist you, motivate you and high-five you at all of our events

  • Gratuities

    It is custom to tip someone if you are satisfied with their services rendered. This could be done individually (ie. when you were served by a waiter or you were assisted to kit up for a scuba dive) or at the end of an event (A2A will collect it from the group). Kindly note that tips are not included in any event price

  • Passports & Visas

    You do need your valid passport when you travel internationally. Always make sure your passport have at least three empty pages at the back of your passport and you must have at least six months left before the expiry date. Please find out if you need a visa from the embassy and get one in time

  • Behaviour of clients

    Addicted2Adventure reserves the right to request those who do not abide by the rules to leave the event and premises at any time. At certain events, no alcohol is allowed due to the type of activity – safety first! No illegal drug use will be tolerated. Kindly respect your fellow participants and treat them the way you want to be treated

  • Who designed our mobile friendly website

    BlitzMat Web Development, Candice 072 607 3100, candice411@gmail.com