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The Adventure of a lifetime

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“The very basic core of Man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure” – Christopher McCandless

It’s with this basic belief that I find myself on an adventure of my own at the mercy of Expedition Africa 2018

    Destination: Namaqualand – West Coast of Southern Africa

Subject: Following/ Documenting a Team consisting of four curious individuals through tough terrain.

Their Challenge: Navigate across 530km within 7 Days.

I know what you are thinking, and yes I also questioned their insanity for one brief moment. Then I was reminded by the above quote and I realised that within them lies the same drive, need, desire and passion for ADVENTURE as many other individuals. So maybe they are slightly insane. but at least there are thousands of others with the same diagnosis. So without further adue:

Meet Team Addicted to Adventure:

Thinus Matthysen aka “Captain Red Beard” (Co-founder of Addicted2Adventure)

“I have been an adventurer and sports-man since I can remember . My adventure passion started 6 years ago when my wife, Joléne, stumbled upon the Kinetic Events website, looking for another adventure to take on.

Our Team name says it all: I am Addicted2Adventure!

This year’s Expedition Adventure Race will be my 5th. I have many 120km & 240km Adventure Races under my belt. This year my wife will be participating with me for her 2nd Expedition. ”

Jolene Matthysen aka “Tomb Raider” (Co-founder of Addicted2Adventure)

“I am passionate about sport and an active adventurer. Adventure Racing was bound to to happen. The combination of adventure, sport, friends, suffering and ultimately the euphoria of completing such a hectic race makes it all worth it in the end.

This will be my 2nd Expedition Race and I know that the heat, drought, long distances of ‘nothings’ will be physically challenging and even more so, a mind game. Looking forward to racing my 2nd Expedition with my hubby, Thinus.”

Corné van Zyl aka “Peter Pan” 

“Corné is running coach, gym owner, event organiser and adventure enthusiast. He has been exposed to adventure racing since he was in school as he used to support teams like his sister’s, consisting of Heidi & Stephan Muller who are the event organisers/ faces behind Kinetic Events Africa – Expedition Africa.

Having placed 9th in Karkloof 100 Miller train run last year he set his focus on taking Expedition Africa 2018. This will be his 2nd time participating with Team Addicted2Adventure and he’s looking forward to ticking off the big one.”

Beyers Rossouw aka “The Michelin Man”

“My participation in Sport was catalysed by my parents, more specifically my mother. So one could say its rooted in my DNA. Once I got started and experienced its benefits. I became addicted and throughout my life I’ve managed to up the ante in my zest for adrenalin. Adventure has become a great way of esaping the corporate madness and becoming one with nature.

Expedition Africa 2018 marks a milestone of change, living from one adventure to the next from here on out.


 Luché Oberholzer aka “The Narrator” (Media Person Expedition Africa 2018)

“I am passionate about capturing various visual elements and documenting stories whether through Jewellery Design, Photography or Writing. So when my father asked me to act as Media Person for his team I enthusiastically agreed. Not only is it an adventure, but it is also an opportunity to capture some of the most beautiful scenery.

In Design we are taught to look at any element objectively. Just as Jewellery adorns the body, I believe we adorn the earth. It is with this approach that I wish to document Team Addicted2Adventure (A2A)’s progress in the 2018 Expedition Africa Namaqua West Coast Adventure Race.

Team Addicted2Adventure is Team 42 within this years Expedition Africa. You can track their progress live daily over the next week. I will also be updating their status throughout the adventure race.

So don’t miss the adventure of a lifetime!!

For more information surrounding the event and the team please see the following links:


Instragram: @addicted2adventuresa

Twitter: @addicted2advent

Facebook: Addicted2Adventure

Luché Oberholzer, A2A EA media person

19 May 2018 – Vanrhynsdorp South Africa